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Things to do in Burlington, VT

Heading to Burlington, Vermont for a weekend or day trip? If this will be your first trip to B-town, you’re going to find a slew of unique ways to fill your time while you’re here. From blowing glass and sipping world-class brew, to exploring the sites and taking an impressive bike trail—Burlington has no problem entertaining all who head this way. Check out the best things to do in Burlington, VT.

Top 5 Fun Things to Do in Burlington VT

1. Check out the awesome Burlington area breweries

People travel from all over to get to Burlington, VT for Vermont beer. There are actually bout 14 breweries in the area for every 100,000 people in the state, which means VT leads the country in per-capita breweries. Burlington hosts the annual, globally-acclaimed Vermont Brewer’s Festival, and a few local hot spots have been recognized as some of the top craft breweries on the planet. If you want some of the best beer, be sure to check out a few places like Foam Brewers and the Zero Gravity Beer Hall.

2 . Try glass-blowing at Bern Gallery

When it comes to glass throughout history, the Green Mountain State has a lot of experience to boast. One of the very first glass factories to ever open in the country actually showed up in VT about 200 years ago. If you’ve ever wanted to try glass-blowing, Burlington is the place to be. The Bern Gallery is one of the most well-known glass studios in the area due to its on-site glass school. You can sign up for a class alone or with a group to try your hand at things like making glass pipes and pendants. The classes are perfect for first-timers, and every student is guided by one of the resident glass artists. Basic lessons start at just 20 dollars, with longer lessons and even half day and full day rentals available!

3. Hit the slopes for some skiing

Skiing is a favorite way to pass time for Vermonters in the winter, and there is no shortage of skiing slopes in the Burlington area. If you’ll be traveling to Burlington, you may want to plan ahead to check out some local favorite ski resorts. Stowe Mountain Resort, Bolton Valley, Smugglers’ Notch Resort, and Mad River Glen are all under an hour’s drive from the airport. If it’s summertime during your visit, some of the resorts offer mountain biking as an off season alternative!

4. Head to the Burlington Greenway Bike Path for biking

Did you bring your bike with you for the trip? If so, be sure to head over to the Burlington Greenway Bike Path. The Central Vermont Railway was actually converted to a bike path way back in the 1970s. The entire eight-mile trail is paved. This bike trail takes you through numerous parks and beaches, so you get some of the best views of sites like Lake Champlain, the city, and the Adirondacks. Not only are there tons of awe-inspiring spots to stop and take a breather, but you’ll also get an unlimited amount of amazing photo ops along the way. And, if you want to cycle a bit further, you can take the Bike Ferry to visit some islands around the lake.

5. Hike into the vistas along Lake Champlain at Lone Rock Point

If you want to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Vermont on a peaceful trail, be sure to head to Lone Rock Point. The hike is relatively short but leads you to the rocky points hanging out over Lake Champlain. You do have to get admission passes since the trail is on private property, but the views of the water from the rocky points are spectacular enough that it’s well worth it.

Ready to Plan Your Burlington Visit?

Regardless of what you consider fun, you’re bound to find things to do in Burlington, VT to entertain you. Ready to schedule a glass-blowing glass? Reach out to us today to schedule your visit to the Bern Gallery.

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