Glass Repair

Smoke Shop, Burlington VT.

Broken Bong? No Problem!

If you have a piece you would like us to repair, please make sure it is completely clean of all residue and bring it in for an estimate! Think your piece is far to dirty to ever be clean again..? Bring it in and let us clean it for you! NEW July 2018 Bern Gallery Bong Cleaning Service!

We do stock bottle conversion rigs & tubes on the floor of The Bern Gallery, but if you have a special bottle you like us to convert into your new favorite smoking device, bring it in!

Tube Fix starts @ $75.00
Ashcatcher Fix starts @ $50
UV Glue Fix starts @ $30

Please fill out and return the completed repair form, and someone from the shop will get back to you soon!

Glass Repair

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All repairs must be quoted by a Bern Gallery employee & are paid for in advance, Please wait 1-2 weeks for turn around time. We can repair *MOST* bongs. If your bong has thermal decals or stickers affixed to it ,there is a chance they could burn off in the kiln during the repair process.  If for some reason, your glass piece cracks or shatters when we are trying to fix it we will give you 50% of what you paid back in store credit. By agreeing to continue with the repair service you acknowledge you are aware of this.