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NEW JULY 2018!

You LOVE your trusty old pipe, it’s been to festivals, parties, hiking and more..but maybe you would rather just buy a whole new pipe then take the time to clean it?!? Fret no more! Bring it to Bern Gallery! We now offer PIPE CLEANING!

  • Spoon : Slide : Downstem $10
  • Sherlock : Bubbler : Steamroller $15
  • Bong $25 | $35 | $45
  • add PER perc +$10
  • Extra thick + $10

Learn more about how to clean your glass bong.


The Bern Gallery is the home of Burlington’s only hookah bar! Our hookah bar is located out front of the Gallery where we have 3 tables, 12 chairs & 1 amazing view of Burlington’s sunset. Our hookah bar is seasonal and is open May through October.

We have many flavors & brands of shisha on hand – come by and mix & match your personal blend of flavors.

  • Hookah Table $20 (after tax)
  • Bowl Refill $5

Please call us to confirm that the Hookah Bar is open (802) 865-0994


If you have a piece you would like us to repair, please make sure it is clean of all residue, and bring it in for an estimate!

Don’t feel like cleaning your bong? Let us clean it for you! NEW 2018: Bern Gallery Bong Cleaning!

We do stock bottle conversion rigs & tubes on the floor of The Bern Gallery, but if you have a special bottle you like us to convert into your new favorite smoking device, bring it in!

Tube Fix starts @ $75.00
Ashcatcher Fix starts @ $50
UV Glue Fix starts @ $30

Please fill out and return the completed repair form, and someone from the shop will get back to you soon!

Glass Repair Form


Want something special made just for you? Let our resident experts create a functional piece of art that you will love. Custom pieces are so personal, they require a one-on-one with an in-house glassblower. We are unable to sell customs through this website. Please click the link below or call 802-865-0994 to start the conversation today!

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You & your roommates just killed the most expensive bottle of vodka known to man, it was a hell of a time, a party to remember (or not) Why don’t you turn that empty bottle of memories into your new house bong? All bottle conversions start at $35

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