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The Bern Gallery

Founded in 2004 by a pair of pipe-makers, The Award-winning Bern Gallery has been at the forefront of the functional glass movement for over a decade. More than just another hippy-dippy head shop, The Bern Gallery is a multidimensional destination, a must-see for any glass aficionado or glass artist.

In 2006, the Bern Gallery’s Pipe Classic made history as the world’s first pipe-making competition. Ever-committed to growing the glass community, it began offering experiences in pipe-making in 2007. Since then, the Bern Gallery has expanded its educational footprint to include full course packages in pipe, pendant, and marble-making.

In 2008, seizing a much-needing niche in the neighborhood, The Bern Gallery established Burlington’s only hookah bar. Whether it’s pushing the glass medium to its outermost limits, providing artists with a platform or patrons a marketplace, The Bern Gallery is, and always has been, the torchbearer and leader of the northeast scene.

Bern Gallery’s resident glassblowers include: Tito Bern, Dr. Whitestone, Sean Webb & PMC Glass.

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Due to COVID19 we are currently not offering glassblowing lessons. Our lessons are too “close contact” to maintain social distancing guidelines. You can email us at PIPECLASSIC@GMAIL.COM to get on the notification list when we do re-open our lesson service.

One time Experiences:
  • Make your own pendant $60
  • Make your own Pipe $100
  • Bern Coin Experience $20
  • Speed Lesson $25
  • Holiday Experience $40
Bern Glass School packages:

The Bern Glass School has lesson package programs that are designed to launch your glassblowing career!

  • Pipemaking 101 + ALS 1-3
  • Pendant making 101 + ALS 1-3

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Bern Gallery

Smoke Shop, Burlington, VT.

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11am – 7pm

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