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Green Bear Glass provides a diverse selection of water pipes, rigs, and cannabis accessories. Highlights of the brand include colorful designs with water pipes and rigs crafted into unique shapes. You may change the glass pipes and rigs to your preferred style with different customization options. Shop Here.

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Green Bear Glass Water Pipes

A standout from Green Bear Glass is the company’s latest water pipe releases. The Full-Color Inception Beaker stands 18 inches tall and comes in various colors—green, white, blue, and gray. Smaller bong options include the Chrome Zag, with a 12-inch height, thick 7mm tubing, and chrome accents. The Single Tree Mini is also a smaller option for the water pipes and has a three-hole pinch ice catcher. Like many other glass pipes and rigs from Green Bear Glass, the tube has the brand logo etched along the side. The Double Matrix has a more standard size of 18 inches and includes two percolators. Customers can choose what color accents they prefer on the glass bong.

Green Bear Glass Rigs

Green Bear Glass shows off its creativity through the rigs available from the glassmaker. Pieces have bursts of bright colors and unusual shapes. Best of all, rigs are smaller, making them very portable. Some rigs, including the GB Scorpio, look like display pieces only, but all are fully functional. Rigs like GB Z Jammer have a z-shaped joint and downstem. The three-hold perk provides a powerful smoke despite its small 6.5-inch size.

Green Bear Glass Accessories

Bern Gallery carries a large selection of Green Bear Glass items, including hard-to-find products. Along with the rigs and water pipes, you can add some fun with one of the brand’s colorful spoons, bowls, and mats.

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