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How to Use Hemp Wick with A Bong

Love using your glass bong, but hate the idea of having to continuously use a torch or lighter? If you’ve had your fair share of burnt fingertips and hits that taste more like butane than weed, it may be time to try hemp wick instead. Check out how to use hemp wick with your glass bong for a cleaner, easier smoking experience.

First, what is hemp wick?

Hemp wick is simply a twine made out of twisted hemp fibers that has been coated in a thin layer of beeswax. Dried hemp fiber is naturally flammable, but burns up quickly. The added beeswax causes the wick to burn slowly, which makes one of the primary uses for hemp wick to smoke herb.

Is hemp wick better than a lighter?

Hemp wick offers a few noteworthy advantages over a standard lighter when it comes to igniting your herb, including:

  • You’re not exposing flower or your body to uncombusted gas
  • You get a lower temperature burn that doesn’t change the flavor
  • Your flower burns slower so you have little waste

How to Use Hemp Wick with Your Bong

Using hemp wick has a slight learning curve when you’re only accustomed to using a torch or lighter with your bong. Nevertheless, the process involves a few simple steps.

1. Prepare your hemp wick roll

Unroll the hemp wick so that you have a piece of twine sticking out several inches. The twine will be a bit sticky and stiff, so you can shape it into a slight hook, which is better for lighting flower in the bong’s bowl.

2. Light the hemp wick

Use a lighter or match to ignite the end of the wick. Allow that to burn for a few seconds to get rid of any residual chemicals from the lighter. When the flame is burning evenly, you’re ready to smoke.

3. Ignite your bong

Insert the lit tip of the wick into the bowl of your bong and inhale. You can pull the wick out after a puff if you are a slower smoker. However, some people prefer to leave the burning wick end dipped into the bowl, which offers a continuous and even burn.

4. Extinguish the wick

When you no longer need the wick, be sure to extinguish it fully before storing it away. Dip the tip of the wick into water to extinguish it, and then snip off the wet end for disposal before tucking your hemp wick away for the next use.

Find High-Quality Hemp Wick and Bongs at Bern Gallery

When you decide to make the change to hemp wick, be sure to look for top-quality brands. Much like the bong you choose, the wick you use can make all the difference in your end experience. At Bern Gallery, we’ve got you covered with some of the best hemp wick brands and quality-made bongs.

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