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Iconic Wooden DOKHA Medwakh

Iconic Wooden DOKHA Medwakh


This is probably the best Dokha pipe you’ll find online. This Medwakh Wooden Dokha Pipe is a bold Arabic Smoking pipe. Classic look incorporating strong Design.  This tough and durable pipe also comes with reusable filters so you can keep it fresh & clean for every use. Intended to be used with Supreme Dokha Tips.

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Dokha Pipes For Sale at The Bern Gallery
Dokha pipes are also often referred to as “Medwakh” pipes. They are specifically used to smoke Dokha, which is a type of Arabian tobacco. Dokha is very popular in the Middle East, where it is sometimes referred to simply as “Dook.”
A Specific Pipe for Dokha
Dokha is made from Arabic tobacco. Unlike other types of tobacco, Dokha is not fire-cured and cut. Instead, it is dried in the sun. Then, it is finely ground to preserve the tobacco.

The curing process results in a much stronger flavor and freshness compared to other types of tobacco. You can sometimes find it mixed with herbs, flowers, and spices.
What’s different about Dokha Pipes?
Medwakh or Dokha pipes have been used for hundreds of years to smoke Dokha. They are well known for their very small bowl, often paired with a longer-than-average pipe shaft.
The Bowl
The bowl itself is generally only large enough for just one or two puffs at a time. The size is a recognition that Dokha is a very potent substance. You won’t need much to reach your desired effect.

Although the bowl’s size is often smaller than average, some are made with slightly larger bowls. The size of the bowl will change the smoking experience slightly. Larger bowls tend to make the smoke more aromatic because the Dokha will not burn as quickly. The smaller bowl will burn the Dokha hotter and faster.
The Shaft
The length of the entire pipe is generally around six inches, but they also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The shaft is wider than the average smoking pipe as well.
The Heel
Most Dokha pipes will also have an enlarged end, sometimes referred to as a “heel.” This extra piece allows you to hold the pipe steady while lighting it. Some heels have elaborate designs that set apart a specific pipe.
The Stem
At the end of the shaft is a stem or mouthpiece. The mouthpiece will usually contain a filter. Filters will sometimes be built directly into the Dokha pipe as well.

The dokha pipes we sell at Bern Gallery have removable filters as well, so your pipes can stay fresh + like new!
Artistic Design of Medwakh Pipes
Classic Medwakh pipes are often designed based on the culture and history in a specific area. Many Medwakh pipes are handmade, which allows for a great deal of creativity in the design. You can find Dokha pipes for sale that are made from a variety of materials, including:

  • Stone
  • Bone
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Plastic
  • Glass