RopaNa 750mg CBD Nectar

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RopaNa 750mg CBD Nectar


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750mg CBD per bottle  ||  25mg CBD per dropper full  ||  approximately 30 droppers full per bottle  ||  1 fl. oz

The Nectar CBD Tincture is our line of organic MCT oil based sublingual products that are formulated for ease of use, quick absorption and effectiveness. These tinctures are useful for getting CBD into your system quickly and discreetly. It can be taken on its own or mixed into food/drink (not water soluble). Our RopaNa Nectar contains only 2 all natural ingredients, Organic MCT oil (derived 100% from organic coconuts) and 99% CBD isolate powder (solvent free). We know that there are fancy nano-amplified products on the market that are touting better absorption using lower mg. And we are scientists as well, so we do not deny this claim. However, we also understand that there are people who prefer a less processed and more natural product that is also effective.

FDA REGULATIONS: None of these statements or products have been evaluated by the FDA. Nothing is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any illness or disease. Per FDA regulations, we CANNOT recommend specific doses or uses to customers.


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