Resolution Silicone Cleaning Caps

Smoke Shop, Burlington VT.

Resolution Silicone Cleaning Caps




The Original Res Caps® Bong Cleaning ● Carrying ● Scent Stopping Resolution designed Res Caps® to make cleaning your glass bong fast, easy and hassle-free. Pour Res Gel® to your favorite piece, slip on Res Caps®, shake and rinse for the quickest and easiest clean ever. On the go? Use Res Caps® to seal your piece for a mess-free travel anywhere. Pack up & Cap up before your next adventure to keep your glass safe and spill-free! Use Res Caps® to seal your bong during cleaning, traveling or storing to prevent spills and bad odors. Store your glass discreetly with Res Caps® avoiding spills and bad odors. Go ahead, treat yourself to the cleanest glass every time!


    • • Assorted colors
    • • (3) silicone waterpipe caps
    • • (2) small and (1) large caps
    • • Universal fit for waterpipes, steamrollers and most glass tubes
    • • Creates airtight seal that stops odor and helps cleaning



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