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  • 4.5 inches long
  • Load pre-rolled cones with ease
  • Recycled plastic
  • Includes scraping card and natural bamboo poker

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A raw cone loader will make your life even more relaxing. Face it, rolling papers are hard to handle sometimes, especially when you are on the go. When you are ready to kick back and fire up, the last thing you want to do is fumble with rolling papers. It takes time & patience to roll, and it’s a skill that not many have. It’s easy to wind up with more herbs on the table than in the paper. That’s okay, let the cone loader do the work for you!

When you’re ready to toke, you’re ready. So get it right the first time with the Raw Cone Loader. With minimal ”loading” time and reduced spillage, the Raw Cone Loader offers a great smoke, the way it was meant to be.
Frequently Asked Questions About the Raw Cone Loader:
What is a raw loader?
Cones are a great solution but loading them can be a pain. The opening is small and it’s tough to get the material in there without spilling at least some which is a waste. And nobody likes waste, right?

A cone loader puts the product right where it needs to be, in the cone. Its precision design makes it easy to load a cone with very little spilled material – and what is spilled can be easily scraped up and loaded into the cone thanks to the handy scraping tool. If you are looking for a shorter, easier, waste-free way to get from ground herb to rolled cone, this is it.
Why is a raw loader useful?
Anytime you roll your own, you are bound to drop a little material. A cone loader is used with unique papers that are shaped into small cones. These cone-shaped papers are pre-rolled to minimize waste, but loading them by hand can be a little tricky.

A cone loader lets you not only load your cone but also scoop up the loose material that you might drop and get it in there too. But the best feature is that it allows you to load a cone in just seconds. That means you’ll have less time between loading and smoking. Can’t get much better than that.
How do you use a raw cone loader?
The Raw Cone Loader comes with a cone loader, a wooden poker, and a scraping card. Using one is quite simple:

  • Place the cone loader into the cone
  • Fill the loader + cone with the desired material
  • Remove the loader gently while using the wood poker to hold the material in the cone
  • Scrape up any spillage with the included scraping card
  • Use the wooden poker to get all the material in the cone and pack it down
  • Light it up & enjoy!

The Raw Cone Loader is portable and tucks easily into a pocket or purse.