Hemptation CBD Honey Bear

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Hemptation CBD Honey Bear


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2.4 oz Hemptation Infused Honey Bear | Fresh 100 % Vermont Honey, from Bee Happy Vermont. | Beehives upon Hills of Starksboro and farms of the Champlain Valley. | Infused with Whole Plant Hemp Extract. Non-Psychoactive.

2.4 oz Honey Bear Contains: 240 mg of Hemp Extract

Hemptation Infused Honey is an absolutely delicious twist on traditional honey. It has a wonderful sweet taste with the slight spicy bite of the hemp extract. Its taste is reminiscent of homemade edibles; the cannabis really shines through the crisp golden honey. Add it to your coffee, have some on toast.

Dosing Keep in mind that this product contains a lot of sugar; thus, use should be kept to a reasonable minimum (just like dessert!). Our thinking – If you’re going to eat honey; you might as well eat delicious honey with potential benefits. Please wait an hour between servings.

Your Endocannabinoid System will increase or decrease a vast range of regulatory functions throughout your body. The end-goal is to create homeostasis (balance). If there is an imbalance within your body or mind; you may find cannabinoids to be of therapeutic value.

Customers use Hemptation Products for Better Sleep, Anxiety Relief, Pain Relief, Anti-inflammatory, Arthritis Relief, Epilepsy/Spasms, Vasorelaxant, Anti-oxidant, Anti-emetic, Anti-bacterial, Anti-psychotic, Anti-depressant, Anti-psoriatic, Anti-proliferative, Gastrointestinal Relief, Blood Sugar Reduction, Immunosuppressant, Neuroprotection.

Disclaimer: Hemptation is an Herbal Supplement Product. Information not evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Consult your physician if taking a high-dose pharmaceutical, especially those with grapefruit-interaction warnings.


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