Coyle Condenser ‘The Munny Project” Book

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Coyle Condenser ‘The Munny Project” Book


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Prelude:  I wanted to create something that I’ve never seen before. Something that was new to the glass world. The epiphany that inspired me to create my first glass Munny, the seed that began The Munny Project, grew out of a simple exchange of ideas with my friend Sam. I was drawn to his collection of vinyl toys: I saw a challenge to emulate a 3D object that was clean, simple, and a pleasure to look at from all angles… The Munny Project is all about collaboration, and bringing together pieces of ourselves to make something bigger than any one piece. Since 2011 The Munny Project has brought me all over the country… and has ignited in me a passion to seek out those artists that will challenge me and only create that which is unique. This book is for all the fans of glass art!

This is a photography coffee table book of many glass munny rig collaborations.



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