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Monark Glass has an extensive catalog of water pipes, ash catchers, rigs, and more. The company specializes in oversized and high-quality glass pieces. The artists make the glass pieces from thick cuts with quartz touches. Monark provides very functional cannabis accessories that also have a stylized feel. Bern Gallery is a proud partner of Monark Glass and retails the brand’s product lines. Shop Here.

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Monark Water Pipes

The Monark water pipes have specific designs to enhance the flavor and potency of your selected flower. The Triple Ratchet Water Pipe has a three-ratchet style with extra filtration. The bong also has a perk on the bottom and etch designs on the tubing. Most water pipes from Monark range from eight inches to fourteen inches. The 14-inch Beaker Bong comes from top-quality borosilicate glass and includes a 14mm bowl. The ice catcher cools the smoke for improved enjoyment. The stemless options from Monark include a straight tube and ice notches.

Monark Rigs

The rigs from Monark are among the most creative and detailed on the market. With rigs being more portable than bongs, you have more options to take them on the go. Many of the Monark rigs measure less than 10 inches. Uptake tubes and showerhead perks appear on designs like the Double Cambar Dual Uptake Recycler. Choose Monark rigs for dry cannabis or concentrated versions. The Stemless Side Arm Matrix Rig has a fixed downstem and has a matrix percolator.

Monark Accessories

Enhance any of the Monark products with one of the accessory options from the brand. The company makes seamless quartz pieces and branded backpacks. Bern Gallery can assist you with finding the best Monark products to suit your budget and needs.

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