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Bern Gallery proudly offers a selection of high-quality glass pieces from Manifest Glassworks. Manifest Glassworks specializes in made-to-order pieces and has been in business for more than 20 years. Glass pieces from Manifest Glassworks have beautiful, straightforward designs using specialized materials. Shop for MGW here.

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Stemless Tubes

The stemless tubes from Manifest Glassworks are top sellers for the brand. Heights vary, but most glass tubes stand at approximately 20 inches. Mini-versions measure under 14 inches. The stemless options feature ice catches, pinch slides, and clear pinches. Made exclusively for flower, the hard-hitting tubes offer perfect diffusion with a crystal appearance. Only the finest glass goes into making the stemless tubes from Manifest Glassworks. All designs come with a colorful and distinct MGW imprint.

Downstem Tubes

The downstem tubes from Manifest Glassworks come completely customized and feature thick pieces of fine glass. The 16-inch beaker has a three-prong ice pinch to pack the bong before use. Choose one of the beaker styles with a percolator for a more cooling option. The style cools and filters the smoke. The beaker bongs also have options that include ash catcher styles.


For high-quality glass accessories, look to the products by Manifest Glassworks. Instead of buying a new bong, you could purchase parts like a replacement downstem. The pinch slides are a very popular item, each coming etched with the MGW logo. The Chillum One Hitter Pipe provides an easy option when you don’t want to roll a joint or use a bong. The latest models are made from high-quality glass and offer a no-roll setup.

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