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Licit Glass manufactures glass rigs, water pipes, and ash catchers with jaw-dropping designs. Originally lamp makers, the creative team from Licit Glass uses their knowledge of intricate glasswork to create beautiful and working glass pipes. The manufacturers, based out of Virginia, only sell wholesale to dispensaries like Bern Gallery. Contact Bern Gallery if you want to own any specialty pieces from Licit Glass. Shop Here.

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Licit Glass Water Pipes

The designers from Licit Glass create the bongs from borosilicate glass. By using borosilicate glass, Licit Glass creates high-quality pieces with the capacity to withstand high temperatures. Since all the glasswork is handcrafted, each water pipe will look slightly different. Skilled artisans create pieces like the Angle Neck Bubbler, measuring eight inches and with a gridded downstem. The Bent Micro Showerhead has two percolators: a micro showerhead and a ratchet. The Mighty Fine Smoker Jr includes 5 mm glass and stands 15 inches tall. Plus, the bubbler includes two percolator styles.

Licit Glass Rigs

Customers choose glass rigs when looking for options to smoke oils or concentrates. Dab rigs from Licit Glass are smaller than water pipes—making them easier to store and transport. The Circ Cooler Rig measures just eight inches and has a 14mm female joint. The Cooler Rig has a similar design but measures seven inches. The rigs permit customization, and the buyer can choose between the circ perc or two-slit perc option.

Licit Glass Accessories

Along with the glass pieces above, Licit Glass also creates ash catchers. A glass ash catcher will prevent resin and ash from building up in bongs. The ash catchers provide extra filtration for a purer smoke. Order any of the Licit Glass pieces through Bern Gallery.

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