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KGB Glass Drop

KGB Glass Drop

Brian Owoc’s iconic Donut pipes were born in the Early 2000’s when he was working the graveyard shift at a Dunkin Donuts. The flexibility of the job allowed him to travel on Phish Tour and start a glass blowing hobby making pipes after learning from a few friends in Vermont. After being promoted to head baker and seeing his skills behind the torch improve, it was a no brainer to make a donut pipe.

When the baking job was outsourced and he was out of a job, he made the plunge into full time glass blowing. Taking a bench spot at the Iconic Royal River Studio in Portland. Around these other artists he was able to shape is new art a creativity into something truly unique.

Since then he has worked hard to perfect the glass donut as well as incorporate the donut design into classic pipe shapes. The Bern Gallery is Honored to off a delicious sampling of his artwork!

“I am beyond thankful for all the love and support I have gotten over the years. Each day is a new donut and I am honored to be able to share them with you all.” -KGB Glass

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