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The Encore Collection’s high-quality rigs, waterpipes, and more are available at the Bern Gallery. The Encore Collection comes exclusively from the Black Sheep Gallery in Southern California. The glassware from the Encore Collection combines style and functionality. Best of all, the Encore Collection offers pieces at an affordable price tag without compromising quality. Shop for Encore Collection here.

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Rigs and Recyclers

The rigs from the Encore Collection have a fun style with different customization options. Choose colors and accent pieces to create your ideal rig. Rigs from the Encore Collection are very portable since they measure only a few inches. The Banger Hanger Rigs have a size between five and six inches. Made from solid 4mm glass, the rig is sturdy enough to take on the go. The 90-degree angle design makes the rig easy to access. With a showerhead perc, the shape naturally allows bubbles to help the smoke diffuse and filter. The Banger Hanger Rig has custom accent colors, including teal, white, jade, and mint.

The Bell Rig from Encore has a similar functionality as the Banger Hanger style but has a distinct bell shape. The rig works well for concentrates and also has a 90-degree joint angle. Recyclers from Encore will keep the water constantly moving to enhance flavors.

Water Pipes and Ash Catchers

Water pipes from the Encore Collection can be as small as three inches and as large as four feet. The water pipes from the brand offer the best filtration possible for a good smoke. Single and Double Bubble styles are among the bestsellers of the brand. Ash catchers are an accessory made by the design team at the Encore Collection and also have the highest quality craftsmanship.

An easy way to spot glassware from the collection is to look for the Encore logo imprinted on their pipes and rigs. When you see the logo, you can rest assured you’re getting a quality glass item from the brand. Purchase the Encore Collection and more from the Bern Gallery. The Burlington shop is open seven days a week from 11 am to 7 pm for all your glass and accessory needs.

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