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The Cyber Pipe Showdown Details

32 Pipes hit the bracket for one epic virtual experience. Learn about the event & watch the videos here!

Re-Live The Epic Showdown

Kick-Off Show: The Bracket Breakdown Live

Round 1 with Fresh Glass Co.

Round 2 with Mountain Glass Arts

Round 3 with Willies Wood

SEMI FINALS w/ Ropana Wellness

FINALS w/ Glass Torch Tech. & Moodmats

Event Info

From the team that brought you The Pipe Classic, the world’s first and longest-running international pipe-making competition, comes The Cyber Pipe Showdown. A coast-to-coast no-holds-barred battle between some of the biggest names in the pipe-making industry and it’s rising stars..

Cyber Pipe Showdown Flow Ad

After almost two decades of delivering so many indelible moments during the third week of September, The Cyber Pipe Showdown, 9/20-9/25, carries on the tradition of celebrating our magical medium and its most loyal supporters.

Here’s How It Will Work

The 32-artist bracket goes live on September 20th at where a registered voting system has been put in place to ensure electoral integrity. The competition will follow a traditional bracket format with each round resulting in the field being cut in half until only one artist is left standing. Each of the five voting rounds will last 24 hours with The Pipe Classic Council stepping up to cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie.

The winner will receive The Cup, a debut model torch from our amazing sponsors at Glass Torch Technologies and all of the clout that comes with being crowned the inaugural Cyber Pipe Showdown Champion.

Each round of voting will be immediately followed by the return of The Bracket Breakdown Live, broadcast live from The Bern Gallery in Burlington, VT. So be sure to tune in and watch the votes pile up with the top team in pipe-making news, Eli Harrington & Raj Singh.

This is NOT the Pipe Classic

The Cyber Pipe Showdown is a coast-to-coast challenge between pipe-making’s most titanic talents and it’s rising stars. This one-time, virtual glass battle puts the whole spectrum of talent on one bracket.

You choose who deserves the glory starting September 20th on Register to vote and come back everyday to choose new champions until only one remains.

The Pipe Classic will resume in The Bern Gallery with #15 in September 2022.

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