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Why Store Your Flower in Jars

Do you want your stash to last and maintain its quality? Of course, you do – whether you buy it or grow your own, you have a significant investment in your flower. Proper storage is the key to maintaining the flavor and potency of your buds, whether you are storing it away until tomorrow or saving it for the next big holiday. Ultraviolet light and extreme humidity can quickly destroy the quality of flowers! The solution? Glass jars.

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How Glass Jars Work

Screwing a metal lid onto a glass jar creates a complete seal and an airtight environment inside. The seal is important because exposure to air causes flowers to dry out as oxygen can degrade the terpenes and other cannabinoids that make your buds delicious and effective. Many specially designed herb jars have a compression seal in the lid! Contact us for information on C-Vault and VioLiv technology for flower storage!

Benefits of Using Glass Jars for Storing Your Flower

Glass jars are some of the most popular containers for storing dried flower for one good reason – they’re best for storing buds. Unlike soft-sided containers that can crush your flowers into shake, glass jars protect your bud to help it retain its natural structure. Properly stored flowers can have a shelf life of several months or more. The rule of thumb is to store your flower in a cool, dry, dark place. The secret to success is to determine exactly how cool, dry, and dark that place should be, and keeping your bud within that perfect environment. For many people that perfect environment is inside a glass jar.

Glass jars…

  • keep an airtight seal
  • keep the herb smell at bay
  • keep bud from drying out or getting humid
  • protect your bud from dirt, bacteria & contain mold

Glass Jars & Light

Storing your flowers in a glass jar can help you maintain proper temperature, and temperature control is everything when it comes to storage. Both high and low temperatures can affect the terpenes that occur naturally in herb. Terpenes are responsible for the way a plant smells, and are the primary constituents of essential oils. Stored in the trichomes of the herb plant, terpenes may also contribute to the effects of the herb flower. An ideal solution for preventing light damage is to use black or blue glass for your storage jar! Contact us for information on UV protective jars!

Glass Jars & Temperature

Exposure to very high or very low temperatures can diminish terpenes to cause your flowers to take on an unsavory flavor or smell; getting too hot or too cold can have other detrimental effects on your bud. Constant exposure to high temperatures can cause your bud to dry out too much, for example, which can lead to a harsh smoking experience. Storing your stash at low temperatures can degrade terpenes and cannabinoids.

A note on humidity…

Glass jars also help you control humidity. High humidity creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, while low humidity dries out bud and degrades cannabinoids. Moldy flowers are heartbreaking and completely un-smokable. We sell a number of humidity solutions here at the Bern Gallery, including Raw’s Terracotta HydroStone and a wide variety of Boveda humidity packs in both 58% and 62%.

What about other containers?

Other containers may be fine as very short-term storage solutions but won’t do much to preserve and protect your flowers in the long run. Cigar humidors might hold your buds in an aesthetically pleasing way, but they might also make your flowers taste like cedar.

While many modern plastic bags feature a zipper closure, baggies are only slightly better than storing your flowers out in the elements. Plastic bags can develop static electricity that pulls the trichomes from your flowers to the walls of the plastic bag, for example, and that can rob you of the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids you desire.

Buy Glass Jars for Bud

While you cannot always keep your flowers in a jar, glass containers are the best storage systems for your buds. For more information on storage solutions for your flower, contact us!

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